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The Abode is inhabited by guests and counselors, each with unique traits and talents, making them perfectly skilled in the means needed to further my own development. « The Rooms » presents some of them, and the plights they have to solve.



verse 1

it's like she's at home at the abode
still carrying more than her load
she couldn't take the break up threats of her man
when their daughter overdosed the mother ran

and when the night falls
spectres crawl up from under her bed
held in thrall
she imagines she'd rather be dead
than in this room
will this trial ever be over
cry like a loon
but persevere beautiful dreamer

verse 2

he's the favourite of all the guests
though he's not one of the sharpest
when his dad died it left a hole in his heart
his mom is getting too old to play her part

and when the night falls
he can't silence the voice in his head
held in thrall
he imagines he'd rather be dead
than in this room
will this night ever be over
howl at the moon
but persevere beautiful dreamer

verse 3

she's the brightest of the counselors
always showing her true colors
when the house nearly closed she put up a fight
against all odds she stood up for what is right

and when the night falls
she stays up to answer the requests
held in thrall
concerned for the wellness of the guests
in all those rooms
will their pains ever be over
provide the boon
please persevere beautiful dreamer


lost in a room
of your own
trust in the seed
that you have sown

it will bloom
on its own
and it will yield
the perfect gemstone

last chorus

lost in a room
of your own
trust in the seeds
that you have sown

they will bloom
on their own
and they will yield
the perfect gemstones


from The Abode Of The Blessed, released February 2, 2013

Love, best wishes, and many thanks to H, S, and M for the inspiration.



all rights reserved


Poligraf Québec, Québec

Christopher Stewart is the leader of Poligraf.

While he pursues various artistic endeavors, if there’s one discipline he’s perfecting, it must be the art of blooming late.

After practising Buddhism dead-seriously since the mid-nineties, he finally awakened to the fact that it teaches living happiness.

His interests include philosophy, divination, the arts, and the creative process.
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