Lifeforce : De Profundis

from by Poligraf



Lifeforce is the story of a personal catastrophe, an individual end of the world, from a state of inspiration and hyperactivity, through doubt, destabilization, failure, consternation, collapse, to relativisation, assessment, the return of hope, and renewal.

Non-linear time is used in order to present the various stages of the unfolding story as objects of an introspection which will lead to appraisal and peace and will allow the protagonist to determine his next direction.


Holding in your hands
The gift of miracles
Resolving yet again
To elude all misery

Far yet so close
Wise yet so blind
Will you ever
Stop and see ?

Past endeavors
Were not wasted
Nor was your pain
Borne in vain

With you remain
All the things that you need for the way
A brand new day
Every chances to show us your best
Don’t mind the rest

See that your goal is near
All that you need is here

Let the music
Move your body
Endow with will and way

You’re here to play
Not to think of more shackles and banes
Loosen your chains
And be free to return to the game
Show us your flame

See that your goal is near
All that you need is here


from Samsara (pre​-​order), released July 1, 2010



all rights reserved


Poligraf Québec, Québec

Christopher Stewart is the leader of Poligraf.

While he pursues various artistic endeavors, if there’s one discipline he’s perfecting, it must be the art of blooming late.

After practising Buddhism dead-seriously since the mid-nineties, he finally awakened to the fact that it teaches living happiness.

His interests include philosophy, divination, the arts, and the creative process.
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