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by Poligraf

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Satori is a Japanese Buddhist term for enlightenment that literally means « understanding. » In the Zen Buddhist tradition, satori refers to a flash of sudden awareness, or individual enlightenment, and is considered a « first step » or embarkation toward nirvana.

Satori is typically juxtaposed with the related term kensho, which translates as « seeing one's nature. » Kensho experiences tend to be briefer glimpses, while satori is considered to be a deeper spiritual experience. Satori is an intuitive experience and has been described as being similar to awakening one day with an additional pair of arms, and only later learning how to use them.

Following up on the concept introduced with « Samsara, » Poligraf's first album, « Satori » presents a series of compositions intended to document the progress of an individual who achieves significant breakthroughs on their way to complete enlightenment. While the first album focused primarily on hindrances and their overcoming, the second is more concerned with insights, understandings, and the knowledge that has been thus gained.

The album opens with a trilogy entitled « Entering The Stream » which depicts a life-changing retreat of soul-searching triggered by a one-too-many outburst of accumulated dissatisfaction with the way one's life is going, and culminating on a renewal of perspective and direction.

The 24-minute suite is followed by four shorter compositions which illustrate specific understandings that correspond to important milestones, namely the realization of the subjectivity of experience, the silencing of negativity, the recognition of emptiness as the foundation of all experience, and the return to a functioning based on intuitive knowledge.


released October 1, 2010



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Poligraf Québec, Québec

Christopher Stewart is the leader of Poligraf.

While he pursues various artistic endeavors, if there’s one discipline he’s perfecting, it must be the art of blooming late.

After practising Buddhism dead-seriously since the mid-nineties, he finally awakened to the fact that it teaches living happiness.

His interests include philosophy, divination, the arts, and the creative process.
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Track Name: Entering The Stream : The Chrome Lake

Lyrics to 3. Introspection I

I see you’re down you know you can always confide in me
Over your head in haze, I will always reflect the true story
The picture that I see may not be complete but just the same
Since you don’t open up, I’ll start, it’s a part of our game

The one I see before me is lost, it’s not a pretty sight
A living dead, a ghost, a black hole starving for some light
I see you feel ignored, exploited, always out of breath
I see you feel damaged, depressed, contemplating death

It’s too hard on your nerves to recall who you must be
The way you must behave to please, please everyone you see
You don’t know who you are, you just try to fit their scheme
You even let your mind become slave, slave to their dream
Looking for advice it’s about time you found

Another you – the real you
Afraid of the way they will see
The one who hides inside
Another you – let them see
The flame in your heart
Only you can end your misery


Lyrics to 5. Introspection II

I see you feel restrained, mechanized, dehumanized
I see you feel estranged, incomplete, dissatisfied
Anything for a refuge, an island for your mind, a flight, a break
No amount of diversion or substance will ever dissolve the lake

Low confidence, you can’t make a move without a guide
Right now should you laugh or cry ? Live or die ? Can’t even decide ?
The choice is so easy if only through my eyes for once you’d see
You can break down your wall or endure all that will be

You wanted advice ?
It’s about time you showed

Another you – the true you
Afraid of the way they will see
The one who hides inside
Another you – let them see
The flame in your heart
If you try you can end your misery
Track Name: Creeper
Insidious suggestion
Difficult to contain
Tendency to worry
Threatening to bloom in pain

Stemming up from a doubt
Burgeoning from a no
Better sever the sprout
Or a vine could follow

Creative energy – Unleashed upon itself
Subtle adversary – Not yet under control
Creative energy – Cynical of itself
Unforeseen enemy - Between here and the goal

Coming back from the past
Sinister memory
Craving for attention
The voice of gravity

Surely as it will rise
Before long, paralyse
Surely as it will grow
In a spiral, down you go

Creative energy – Unleashed upon itself
Subtle adversary – Not yet under control
Creative energy – Cynical of itself
Unforeseen enemy – Between here and the goal

Paradise awaiting / Because your constant voice
(All your doom scenarios never come to pass)
Always analyzing / Undermines every choice
(Expected catastrophes never come to life)

Creeper now I can see / You sabotage my dream
(All your doom scenarios never come to pass)
Yet share its quality / Thus ends your little scheme
(Expected catastrophes never come to life)
Track Name: Void

Down ! In the here and the now
Fell flat on the face
Cheated by reason
Desolate in space

Pondering matter
Getting to the core
Couldn't find any
Deep reality

Drown ! Committing the fault
Colliding hadrons
Just add variety

Trying to manifest
Out of vacuity
Root unbreakable ?
Who thinks magically !

Crash ! Banks are in the red
Wall Street in a slump
Who's bailing them out ?
Ripped off at the pump !

Trying to manifest
Out of vacuity
Wealth unlimited ?
Who thinks magically !

Null ! Nobody-zero
Materialism fails
To set people free

Universe of words
Walls of mentation
Occult liberation

Reasonable as they may seem
When clung to will all theory
Serve to send the good intended
Down into Yama's abode

Up, to the neck in the void
No more artifice
Stopped being schizoid
Found no precipice

Emptiness in all
All in everything
Nihilism is
Not comprehending

Stop and recognize
Objects are mirrors
Subject realize !
Self-actualize !

No cause nor effect
Coming and going
This world I project
Is enlightening
Track Name: Ignorant

Back to when I was ignorant
Simple child, open, wild, and free
Sun and shine never went for long
Clouds and rain never cared for me

Then I heard what you said and mistook it for real
« Pursuit of happiness is the highest ideal
Here's what you have to learn, here's how you should become
So you can get your share of the wealth that's out there »

Unavowed as your confusion
Was the truth I needed to see
The answers that your principles
Can’t provide to anybody

Had faith in what you said, are you sure it is real ?
I can’t reach happiness please tell me what’s the deal ?
All that I seem to find is more doubt in my mind
What am I doing wrong ? Have you lied all along ?

Say, have you considered
Before you taught me of your way to see reality
I can't make any sense in having all the world to me
When I just need to be

Back to when I was ignorant
Simple child, open, wild, and free
Tell me just how could I have guessed
The ignorance of those guiding me ?

There's so much to unlearn, now I see it’s not real
As empty as the words in that hollow ideal
How can one aim to find what comes in its own time ?
Leave your concepts behind and you'll find peace of mind

Say, how often do you wonder
If everything you’re working for
Is worth all that wait

Say, how often do you ponder
Pretending that all is fine
When you can’t bear your fate

Say, have you ever loved
Or are you waiting for the day
When it’ll be too late ?